Welcome Package

You plan a removal to Germany, Saxonia or Dresden. You look for a dwelling, a flat let for rent, a house to the rent or a single family house. You need consultation before the purchase of a real estate. You need assistance with authority formalities.

  • Market analysis and first visit with a Look-And-See-Trip
  • Information concerning residential areas which are in the city or nearly the city center
  • Structures of the price of rent, important location for industry and buisiness
  • Traffic connections as well as information of public local traffic and distant traffic

House Hunting

  • Purpoise search for a house or an apartment including private viewing
  • Looking at houses and flats, helping with negotiations of leases, the final handling over or the first takeover of an apartment

Organising the moving

  • A complete taking over and coordination of all the necassary handling and errands when moving
  • Assistance with furnishing the apartment / house
  • Handling all the important aspects of moving like registration or taking care of the necassary final leaving procedures with TV, radio etc and everyday care like electricity, telephone, gas, heating etc

Helping with the local authorithies

  • Getting a resident permit, work permit, help with the local government office for the registration of residents,
  • tax formulars, driving license, car taxes and insurance
  • kindergarden and school-making, suggestions and registering, support form the government for the children,
  • insurances
  • choosing the appopriate bank and opening an account, changing addresses, ID cards, passports
  • ... up to costums formalities


  • Telephone-Hotline
  • Help with shopping and counselling
  • Help in finding doctors, medical and pharmacentical staff, hospitals and other medical institutions
  • Offering support when looking for babysitters, household helps, cleaning ladies...
  • Help with choosing sports and leisure time activities, and organisation of languages courses for the different family members
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