You plan a removal to Germany, Saxonia or Dresden. You look for a dwelling, a flat let for rent, a house to the rent or a single family house. You need consultation before the purchase of a real estate. You need assistance with authority formalities.

1 When ever a person changes the city and moves to a different place, this often means for most of the people a new professional task, a high level of concentration and a high degree of devotion towards the new job and the work environment. All these changes often are an enormes burden for the person who is moving as well as for the family members.

Very often it is easier to integrate into the new company than to get used to the new surrounding field of every day īs life.

A high degree of flexibility is expected from well educated and trained professionals and leaders. It is one of the prerequisite of the perception of various professional opportunities.

2 We as the domicilio-relocation would like to help you to manage the complex tasks which the company expects from you and the new employees. We are a competent service-orientated organisation geared towards assisting you with all necessary preparations and the integration into your new surrounding of your everyday life.

We are a competent and reliable partner of companies and we offer professional support as well as tailor-made help for the moving to a different city for your employees.

3 The State of Saxony and especially its capital Dresden as an essential buisiness place will be very important concerning the expansion of the European Union towards the Eastern part of Europe. Many local companies already cherish intensive contacts with companies in Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and other countries.

We know the city of Dresden and its surroundings quite well and we also possess qualified and up-to-date market knowledge in the field of real estate. We have got a lot of contacts with people who are in economics, sports, culture, art of our region. Languages barriers are no problem for us. Besides English and Spanish we can also help you with the Czech language, with Polish or Russian.

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